Societies of IACSIT

IACSIT Society Chapters 

♦ Chapters are:
●technical subunit of one or more Sections, or a Council;
●constituted by a minimum of five (5) members of a Society;
●established by petition to the parent unit(s) and Societies concerned to represent and fulfill the technical needs of the members and the missions of IACSIT;
IACSIT Sections

♦  Sections are:
●the basic operating organizational unit of IACSIT;
●constituted by a minimum of ten (10) members;
●established with the approval of IACSIT by petition of those who live/work in relatively close proximity to be served by activities that meet their needs and further the missions of IACSIT.

If you want to apply for to establish IACSIT new Chapter/ Section, please compile and return the SOCIETY CHAPTER PETITION  / SECTION PETITION to application will be processed in 15 work days.

Societies of IACSIT

Most IACSIT members choose to add value to their membership by joining one or more IACSIT Societies. Benefits include access to current information, opportunities to network with peers, and enhancement of the worldwide value of your profession. The members of IACSIT Societies can help the development of IACSIT by joining our different societies, proposing new societies, acting in our journal's editorial boards, organizing conferences and involving in our executive committee.