IACSIT Reliability and Safety Society (RSS)

IACSIT Reliability and Safety Society (RSS)

  RSS Mission

The IACSIT Reliability and Safety Society (RSS) is organized for the engineers and the scholars in the Reliability and Safety discipline. Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on the Reliability and Safety, the IACSIT Reliability and Safety Society serves as a forum for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the Reliability and Safety community.


  About IACSIT

IACSIT  is a registered international scientific association of distinguished scholars engaged in Computer Science and Information Technology. The IACSIT members include research and development center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, research scientists, engineers, scholars, experienced software development directors, managers and engineers, and university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. IACSIT plays an influential role and promotes developments in Computer Science and Information Technology in a wide range of ways. The mission of IACSIT is to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise. All papers in IACSIT conference proceedings will be published by the well known press, such as IEEE, Academic Press, Springer, ASME, World Scientific Press, Atlantis Press, IACSIT Press and SPIE, and will be submitted to the major indexing services for indexing.

  IACSIT Reliability and Safety Society (RSS) Committees

Prof. Ekata
U.P.Tech.University Lucknow, India

Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research, Finland

Dr. Rajesh Mishra
Indian Institute of Technology, India

Prof. Jianping Fu
Beihang University, China


Dr. Razvan Razvan
Academa de Studii Economice, Romania

Dr. Jinchuan Ke
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri
School of Computer Applications, Lingaya's University, Nachauli.


E-mail: iacsitrss@gmail.com

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