April 21-22, 2013, Beijing, China,Best Presentations

Adaptive Covariance Matrix for Object Region Representation
   Lei Qin, Hichem Snoussi and Fahed Abdallah
Université de Technologie de Troyes, France


Top-down Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection using Spectral Filtering
   Wanyi Li, Peng Wang, Hong Qiao
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sampling Optimization Method Based on Color Difference Analysis for Printer Characterization
Liu Juhua, Yi Yaohua, Su Hai, Yuan Yuan, Miao Minjing
School of Printing and Packaging, Wuhan University


Fuzzy Controller Design Using FPGA for Sun and Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Array System
Basil Hamed and Mohammed El-Maghany
Islamic University of Gaza

Relative Warp Analysis of Parasite–Induced Plasticity in the Shell Shape of the O. quadrasi
Edgar Gary Vasallo, Mark Anthony J. Torres and Cesar G. Demayo
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City


Multiresolutional Graph Cuts for Brain Extraction from MR Images
Yong-Sheng Chen, Li-Fen Chen, and Yi-Ting Wang
National Chiao Tung University