Prof. Hong Yan IEEE & IAPR Fellow

Prof. Hong Yan, IEEE & IAPR Fellow, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Yan received his Ph.D. degree from Yale University. He was professor of imaging science at the University of Sydney and currently is chair professor of computer engineering at City University of Hong Kong. He was elected an IAPR fellow for contributions to document image analysis and an IEEE fellow for contributions to image recognition techniques and applications. Professor Yan was a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE SMC Society during 2000 to 2015. He received the 2016 Norbert Wiener Award from IEEE SMC Society for contributions to image and biomolecular pattern recognition techniques. 
Professor Yan's research interests include: 
Bioinformatics: Genomic data analysis; Structural biology 
Image processing: Biomedical imaging; Document imaging 
Pattern recognition: Clustering and biclustering; Human face recognition and animation