August 11-13, 2018, Okinawa, Japan, Best Presentations

Effects of Hydrogen and Weld Defect on Tensile Properties of SUH660 and SUS316L Welded Joints
Masanobu Kubota, Xuesong Cui, Ryosuke Komoda, Hiroshi Wakabayashi and Yasuhisa Tanaka
Kyushu University, Japan

Innovative Design Method of Incremental Profile Ring Rolling Process for Manufacturing Seamless Ring with Arbitrarily Shaped Profiles
Sungcheol Park, Byungmin Kim and Kyunghun Lee
Korea Maritime and Ocean University, South Korea
Characteristics of Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Member Substituted Heavyweight Waste glass as Fine aggregate
So Yeong Choi, San Kim and Eun Ik Yang
Gangneung-Wonju National University, South Korea
Fracture toughness evaluation of TiB reinforced TiB composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering
Kazuya Sakayanagi, Hiroki Kurita and Noriharu Yodoshi
Tohoku University, Japan
Thermochromic properties of vanadium oxide films prepared by R-HIPIMS using closed-loop controlled with plasma emission monitoring
Chien-Jen Tang, Wei-Hsuan Hsu and Ching-Tang Li
Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Morphology Modulation of ZnO Hierarchical Structures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Wan-Chin Yu, Wei-Chi Jiang and Sian Yang Sie
National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan