June 15-18, 2018, Singapore, Best Presentations

2018BP-6-S1- SG006
Hand Shape Recognition Using Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Alexander Rakowski and Lukasz Wandzik
Fraunhofer IPK, Germany

Automatic Localization of Optic Disc using Modified U-Net
Zaiwang Gu, Shanshan Jiang, Jimmy Lee, Jianyang Xie, Jun Cheng and Jiang Liu
Cixi Institude of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science, China

2018BP-6-S3- SG046-a
3D Scanning System for Factory Work Station by using graph SLAM with LiDAR Cloud Points
Sungkyung Woo, Changmin Lee, Taeseok Lee, Kunwoo Lee and Hweeyoung Han
Seoul National University, South Korea