August 10-13, 2017, Jeju Island, South Korea Best Presentations

Raspberry Pi and IOT Based-Automated Teller Machine Security for the DSWD 4P’s Biometric System Using Fingerprint Recognition with Fast- Fourier Transform Image Enhancement, Multi-Stage Minutia Extraction
Ericson Dimaunahan, Alejandro Ballado and Febus Reidj Cruz
Mapua University, Philippines
2017BP-08-S1- CF103
User Feedback System for Emergency Alarms in Mobile Health Networks
James Jin Kang
Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

2017BP-08-S2- AS0028
Time Series Analysis and Crime Pattern Forecasting of City Crime Data
Charlie S. Marzan, Maria Jeseca C. Baculo, Remedios de Dios Bulos, Conrado Ruiz Jr.
De La Salle University, Philippines
A Matching Mechanism for Homecare Service based on Patient’s and Caregiver’s
Lun-Ping Hung, Chien-Liang Chen and Yi-Pin Du
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taiwan