January 16-19, 2019, Melbourne, Australia, Best Presentations

Estimating Productivity in a Scrum team: A Multi-Agent Simulation
Zhe Wang
Lincoln University, New Zealand  
A Hybrid Point Indexing Structure Based on Orthogonal and Hexagonal Grids
Vojtěch Uher, Petr Gajdoš, Václav Snášel
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic 
Communication Software Execution Model of a WSN Device for More Accurate
Simulation in ns-3
Espen Volnes, Stein Kristiansen, Thomas Peter Plagemann
University of Oslo, Norway 
Determining the Regional Job-House Balance Ratio Based on Congestion Factor and Centrality
S.W.M.P. Senevirathne and P.C.P. De Silva
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka 
A Simulation-Based Approach to Assessing Effects of Indirect Interactions on Species Viability in Facing of Environmental Disturbances
Hongchun Qu, Dandan Zhong and Kaidi Zou
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China 
A Numerical Model of Heart-on-a-Chip Systems – A Tool for Cardiotoxicity Screening
Åshild Telle, Bérénice Charrez, Kevin Healy, Aslak Tveito and Sam Wall
Simula Research Laboratory, Norway 
Modelling the Effect of Moisture Content and Wind Environment on Fire Spread on a Fuel Bed Based on Large Eddy Simulation
Yubiao Huang, Jia Gui, Xiaodong Zhou, Bei Cao, Yuan Zheng, Kai Ye, Xiaoyu Ju, Yong Ni and Lizhong Yang
University of Science and Technology of China, China