Welcome to the official website of IACSIT. Our main goal is to serve as an association for stimulating and guiding its members to formulate the general goals and responsibilities to build the research and development activities in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.



Chengdu, China
Submission Deadline:
April 10, 2010


ICSPS 2010
Dalian, China
Submission Deadline:
April 1, 2010


Chengdu, China
Submission Deadline:
April 15, 2010


ICCMS 2010
Mumbai, India
Submission Deadline:
August 15, 2010



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International Proceedings of Computer Science and Information Technology (IPCSIT)

    International Proceedings of Computer Science and Information Technology (IPCSIT) is a scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, monthly and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Computer Science and Information Technology.
   The journal aims to maintain a rapid editorial procedure and a rigorous peer-review system. The submitted articles are reviewed within approximately three months of submission and the accepted articles are published on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. All accepted articles are published free of charge.
Started 2011 ISSN 2010-460X

Journal Volumes

Volume 7: 2011    
Volume 4: 2011 Volume 5: 2011 Volume 6: 2011
Volume 1: 2011 Volume 2: 2011 Volume 3: 2011


1. International Proceedings of Computer Science and Information Technology (IPCSIT) publishes the following types of contribution: (1) short-length research articles, (2) full-length research articles. High quality submissions reporting original work in the area of Computer Science and Information Technology are kindly invited for publication in special journal issues.

2. Special Issues: Guest Editors of Special Issues should take note of the detailed guidelines for the preparation and handling of Special Issues, which are available here. The guest editor of Special Issues must take into account the following instructions:

(1) A Guest Editor proposes a special issue with a description and a list of contributors with titles and abstracts;
(2) The Special Issue Editor for Journals reviews the proposal (if necessary, in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief) and may accept, reject or ask the Guest Editor to revise the proposal. If accepted;
(3) The Guest Editor suggests referees for each contribution, which may or may not be used by the Special Issue Editor;
(4) The contributors submit papers to the Guest Editor, who pre-screens these papers and sends them to the handling Special Issue Editor along with the Special Issue introduction;
(5) The Special Issue Editor organizes and implements the review and revision process, liaising with the Guest Editor over progress and developments;
(6) The Special Issue Editor judges whether (any) revised papers have answered the issues suggested by the referees reports and can decide to send any paper out for further review;
(8) Once satisfied that the review/revision process is complete, the Special Issue Editor can accept or reject any or all papers. The Editor-in-Chief always retains the right to single out any paper for further review and to reject any paper.

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