Prof. Patrick S. P. Wang

Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University, USA


Patrick S. P. Wang, Fellow of IAPR, ISIBM and WASE, is professor of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University, USA, Shanghai East China Normal University Zi-Jiang Visiting Chair Professor, NSF Visiting Chair Professor at NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan, research consultant at MIT Sloan School, and adjunct faculty of computer science at Harvard University. He received PhD in C.S. from Oregon State University, M.S. in I.C.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S.E.E. from National Taiwan University and B.S.E.E. from National Chiao Tung
University (Hsin-chu campus, Taiwan).

As IEEE and ISIBM Distinguished Achievement Awardee, Dr. Wang was on the faculty at University of Oregon and Boston University, and senior researcher at Southern Bell, GTE Labs and Wang Labs. Dr. Wang was Otto-Von-Guericke Distinguished Guest Professor of Magdeburg University, Germany, and iCORE (Informatics Circle of Research Excellence) visiting professor of University of Calgary, Canada, Honorary Advisor Professor for China’s Sichuan University, Xiamen University, and Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, Guangxi. In addition to his research experience at MIT AI Lab, Dr. Wang has been visiting professor and invited to give lectures, do research and present papers in a number of countries from Europe, Asia and many universities and industries in the U.S.A. and Canada. Dr. Wang has published over 160 technical papers and 26 books in Pattern Recognition, A.I. Biometrics and Imaging Technologies and has 3 OCR patents by US and Europe Patent Bureaus. One of his books is so important and widely cited that USA Department of Homeland Security(DHS) use it as reference for Call For Proposals 2010.
For details please refer to DHS website: Image Pattern Recognition – Synthesis and Analysis of Biometrics (WSP):

As IEEE senior member, he has organized numerous international conferences and workshops including conference co-chair of the 18th IAPR ICPR (International Conference on Pattern Recognition) in 2006, Hong Kong, China, and served as reviewer for many journals and NSF grant proposals. Prof. Wang is currently founding Editor-in-Chief of IJPRAI (Int. J. of Pattern Recognition and A.I.), and Machine Perception and Artifififificial Intelligence Book Series by World Scientific Publishing Co. and Imperial College Press, London, UK, and elected chair of IAPR-SSPR (Int. Assoc. for P.R.). Dr. Wang has been invited to give talks in many International Conferences including AIA2007, Innsbruck, Austria, IAS2007, Manchester, UK, IEEESMC2007,2009, 2010, Montreal, San Antonio, Istanbul respectively, WorldComp2010, Las Vegas, USA, CIS2007, Harbin, China, eForensics2008, Adelaide, Australia, ISI2008, Taipei, Taiwan, BroadCom2008, Pretoria, South Africa, VISAPP2009, Lisboa, Portugal, UKSim2011,
Cambridge, UK, and IADIS2010, 2011, Freiburg, Germany, and Roma, Italy, respectively. Prof. Wang received IEEE Distinguished Achievement Award at IEEE-BIBE2007 at Harvard Medical, for Outstanding Contributions in Bioinformatics and Bioengineering. In addition to his technical achievements and contributions, Prof. Wang has been also very active in community services, and has written several articles on Du Fu, Li Bai’s poems, Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, and Wagner’s operas, and Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Tchaikovsky’s symphonies. A collection of selected proses was published in his book “Harvard Meditation Melody ” ( 哈佛冥想曲) by Jian-Shing Pub. Co., Taipei, Taiwan, which won best publication award by Taiwan.