Prof Jamshid Dehmeshki

Kingston University, United Kingdom

Jamshid Dehmeshki is a full-time Professor of Medical Image Analysis in the Faculty of science, engineering and computing at Kingston University, UK, where he is a director of a recent established laboratory/Center, QMIC (Quantitative Medical Imaging lab/Centre). QMIC is collaboration between Kingston University (KU) and the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV). The primary purpose of QMIL is to research and develop novel medical image analysis algorithms and software and to validate their effectiveness in a clinical environment. In this capacity, he is also the Founder of Mediar ( - a sole trader company involves in developing state-of-the-art medical image and data analysis software. He is currently main supervisor (director of study) of thirteen Postgraduate students. He has published more than 140 scientific research papers, five book chapters, and holds thirteen patents. 
His long-term research focuses on computer-aided detection (CAD) and Measurement (CAM) of lesions in medical images. CAD research aims at discovering the fundamental perception processes of human vision in the image-based diagnosis of lesions, and developing mathematical/computational models that describes them. His most recent research has concentrated on detecting, measuring and quantifying the vascular diseases using CT angiography.
In addition to research activities, He has got depth knowledge of product development life cycle. Over last five years of working at Mediar, He designed the detailed architecture of several image processing libraries for direct integration into third party products/workstations and a variety of image processing algorithms to build a robust general image processing library for rapid product development. he has also developed a series of functionality for image analysis including a family of CAD and CAM libraries to automatically detect quantify and characterise a region of interest within human body. In addition to IP library, he has developed a medical imaging platform with sophisticated GUI using .NET and WPF. The platform were used to integrate all CAD system technology.
Over five years of working at Medicsight Plc as CTO (2001-2006), he was instrumental in the designing and development of three families of state-of-the-art medical imaging software products, namely, Colon CAR (Computer Assisted Reader), Heart Screen and Lung CAR, which received FDA approval and CE marking. He led the delivery of five major medical software products with FDA approval and CE marking. He designed and patented the architecture for image processing products with features that achieved FDA 510(K) compliance.