Prof. Maria Mucha

Technical University of Łódź, Poland

Maria Mucha received the MSc. degree from the University of Łódź in 1960, respectively, and received the Ph.D. degree (in Technical Science) from Technical University of Łódź Poland in 1970 and DSc. degree (in Chemical Science) from Technical University of Łódź Poland in 1987. Professor Maria Mucha received the Professor title (in Chemical Engineering) in 2002.

From 1960 to 1961, she worked as resarch Scientist in Technical University of Łódź, Department of Experimental Physics; Lab. in Physics. From 1961-1992, she worked asSenior Research Scientist, Technical University of Łódź, Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Polymers; lectures in Polymer Physics, and she received 18 awards of the Technical University Rector for the research, achievements and student teaching. Ministry of Education Prize for Ph.D. thesis, Polish Government’s Gold Cross for Achievement,et al.During this period, she also worked as Visiting Professor in University of Massachusetts at Lowell, USA (Prof. A. Blumstein’s lab.) and University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA (Prof. B. Wunderlich’s lab.) In2005, Professor Maria Mucha got the professor title in Technical University of Łódź, Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering.

Professor Maria Mucha is also menbership of European Chitin Society, Polish Chitin Society, Polish Physical Society (vice president in Regional Society, member of Central Board), Scientific Society of Łódź. Her research interest includes Characterization of polymers and copolymers by thermal analysis, Morphological structure of semicrystalline polymer solids by X - ray diffraction, optical and electron microscopy, light scattering and density measurements, Thermal transitions of polymers and copolymers, Compatibility and thermodegradation of polymer blends, et al.