Prof. Afshin Afshari


Masdar Institute of Science and Technology,United Arab Emirates

Dr. Afshin Afshari is currently Professor of Practice at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology where he is involved in a number of sponsored R&D projects. Prior to that, for a period spanning close to three and a half years, he was head of Masdar City’s Energy Department where he specified and enforced—at design and operational stages—key performance indicators for energy efficiency, demand-side management and smart grid. 
Dr. Afshari has more than 15 years of experience in the field of energy management, including 10 years in management positions. Before joining Masdar, he worked for International Energy Group (UAE), Silicon Energy (USA), Higher School of Technology of the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada), Raab Karcher Energy Services (Germany) and Schlumberger Research (France). Dr. Afshari is a Professional Engineer with a PhD in Physics from the University of Paris (France) and an MBA from INSEAD (France). He has three registered patents (two US and one European) and numerous articles published in conference proceedings, academic and trade journals and books.